PS4 Disclaimer:

You need at least $200K (200,000) Cash on GTA Online. If you do not have this amount just purchase a "GTA Online Tiger Shark Card". This is exactly $200,000 which is required before you order. Alternatively you can sell some cars to have the correct amount.

You must have Playstation Plus on your PSN account for this service, and must prepare your account correctly by following the steps below:

1. Open Setting on your PS4 System
2. Go to Application Saved Data Management
3. Go to Save Data in System Storage
4. Go upload to online Storage
5. Go to GTA 5
6. Choose autosave
7. Upload to the cloud

Please ensure that you have provided correct details and (if applicable) have removed any two-step authentication on your account.

To avoid detection, we recommend waiting 5 days before making any big purchases in-game.

The guarantee will only apply if you are banned as a direct result of the use of this service. The guarantee does not apply if the ban is conflicted by yourself (e.g. using your own mods online) or if the ban is unrelated to GTA Money, such as a bad behavior ban.

Once the service has been completed on your account it is not possible to receive a refund as it is impossible to reverse the changes. Always ask for the bill payers permission. PRICES MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.