1. To begin with select a product from our store and click on the "Order" button.

  2. Follow the instructions displayed on the order form to input the required information for the order.

  3. An Order ID and Order Password will display on the screen. Make note of these to access your order tracker in the future. You will also be emailed with these details.

  4. Continue to your order tracking page and make payment. If you run into a problem here you can contact us.

  5. Your order will be now sent to our delivery queue.

  6. Within 24 hours we will begin working on your order.

  7. If we run into a problem preventing us from continuing, a chat box will appear in your order tracker requesting more details from you. You will be sent an email to let you know that we ran into a problem.

  8. Once your order has been delivered your order tracker will display any instructions or important information you need to know.

  9. Make sure that you have received everything you expected.

  10. If there was something missing or incorrect, contact us so we can make things right. If everything looks good confirm the order as completed by pressing the button.

  11. That's all, we hope you enjoy your purchase! You may be offered a discount off your next purchase or asked to leave a review.